SPECIFIC TOOLS ADAPTED TO THE VARIOUS SOLUTIONS INSTALLATION HF66 HYDRAULIC The mounting principle fits on most machines with an hydraulic circuit. Its design allows to work with pressures that can exceed 300 bars and thus produce the torque needed to screw piles up to diameters of 150 mm at depths of more than 10 meters. HYDRAULIC MF67 The percussion principle by hydraulic circuit guarantees a very powerful striking force. Its speed and frequency of striking is studied for long piles and large diameter. Its strength allows to drive the main pile and several extensions over 10 meters deep. Sa vitesse et fréquence de frappe est adaptée pour les besoins spécifiques de battage des pieux de fondation. Avec une force de frappe conséquente pour son faible poids, il convient pour des pieux allant jusqu’à 50 mm de diamètre. TOOLS ELECTRICAL ME45-60 Fonda piles has developed several hammers according to the diameter of the pile. Their design allows to work with a generator of 1500 watts and thus to produce the necessary force for driving piles ranging from 35 to 60 mm. Specific strike ends according to the different types of hammers and piles. Are studied to withstand the stresses of striking different hammers. ME35-60 BC60 ELECTRICAL The screwing principle of the easy-screw pile. A power of 1050 watts and a clamping strength of 1100 nm which allows us to anchor the pile to the suitable depth. IMPACTOR TOOL