PILE Easypieu DRIVEN THE SOLUTION FOR LIGHT STRUCTURES. EASY PIEU is suitable for buildings of less than 50 m2 with a load capacity of up to 6 tons (Chalets, Carports, Campsites, Bungalows, Containers ...). The use is possible for all types of soil. EASYPIEU is a small driven-pile exclusively proposed by Fonda-Pieux. IMPLEMENTATION Drive the pile with a hand electrical hammer (designed by Fonda-Pieux). Quick, ecological and economic implementation. The design of EASYPIEU allows a simple and fast installation without the use of heavy equipment. The driven pile solution allows various configurations and with various installation accessories. SOME DETAILS... - Piles of various lengths. - Adjustable plates. - Aboveground installation with or without bracing. - Extensions to desired depths. ACCESSORIES... - Clamping of joists on the plates.