DRIVEN A SIMPLE SOLUTION FOR T POSTS. Fonda-pieux developed the PBC60 specifically adapted for fence installation on standrad T-posts . The installation of the foundation sleeves with the automatic hammer allows the implementation of large fence distances in a short time and with light means. The fence foundation pile replaces the traditional concrete foundation of T-shape posts and offers perfect resistance. IMPLEMENTATION Pile driving with electrical hammer using a special impactor tool (by Fonda-Pieux). Very fast, ecological and economical system. The design of the PBC60 is specially adapted to the use of standard T-posts for long distance fences and very fast application. FENCE FOUNDATION PILE The foundation pile for fence allows the use of traditional T posts with easy and very fast implantation and ensures a finished installation of the fence mesh the same day. SOME DETAILS... PILES AND ACCESSORIES... - Piles at fixed height. - Locking clamps according to type of T. - Use of traditionnal stakes, roll fences and accessories.