DRIVEN THE SOLUTION FOR HARD GROUNDS. The driven-pile was developed taking inspiration from cathedral buildings. Similar to screw-pile for wooden or metallic framed houses, masonry, extensions (shelters, terraces, garages ...), it is recommended for rocky soil, backfilled, or covered with asphalt. The pile is equipped with a spike end to penetrate stones, rocks and other obstructions. IMPLEMENTATION Driving with hydraulic motor MF66 coupled on a mini-excavator (designed by Fonda-Pieux). Quick, ecological and economic implementation. The design of the spike end with fins ensures quick implantation with a high vertical restraint. Strong PILE The driven pile solution allows various configurations and with various installation accessories. SOME DETAILS... ACCESSORIES... - Piles of various lengths. - Aboveground installation with or without bracing. - Adjustable plates. - Extensions to desired depths. - Clamping of joists on the plates.