DRIVEN THE SIMPLE SOLUTION FOR TERRACES. Fonda-pieux has developed the micro-pile PB35 terrace specifically adapted to the laying of terrace structures. A perfect stability, a very fast installation, a great ease of plates height adjustments. The micro-pile ideally replaces earthworks and concrete studs and allow the installation of wooden structures as well as self-supporting stones or slabs. IMPLEMENTATION Pile drivng with an hand electrical light hammer (by Fonda-Pieux). Quick, ecological and economic installation. The design of the PB35 allows an installation in record time and easy level adjustments. Terrace PILE Solution Terrace allows a very fast implantation with perfect distribution of the loads on the piles and an immediate installation of the joisting. SOME DETAILS... PILE AND ACCESSORIES... - Fixed length piles. - Adjustable mounting plates. - Easy clamping flange. - Easy adjustment of the structure.