SCREW THE SOLUTION FOR UNSTABLE SOILS. The screw pile is designed for constructions such as the wooden or metallic framed houses, masonry, extensions (shelters, terraces, garages ...). It is recommended for non-bearing soils (Clay, peat, sand, agricultural land, etc.). The pile consists in a tube with a spiral to allow the screwing in the ground. IMPLEMENTATION Screwing with an HF66 hydraulic unit installed on mini-excavator (designed by Fonda-Pieux). Quick, ecological and economic implementation. The design of the sprial of the SCREWPILE allows an easy screwing and a high vertical retention. Spiral PILE The screw pile solution allows installation in various configurations and several installation accessories SOME DETAILS... - Piles of various lengths. - Extensions to desired depths. - Adjustable plates. - Extensions to desired depths. ACCESSORIES... - Clamping of joists on the plates. - Aboveground installation with or without bracing.